Satwant K. Pasricha

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The subject of reincarnation* has been dealt with in various ways since the beginning of civilization. Claims to remember a previous life, like those of other alleged paranormal events, have occurred all through the ages and in nearly every part of the world. Memories attributed to previous lives have occurred and been investigated under a variety of(More)
4. Koski L, Iacoboni M, Dubeau MC, Woods RP, Mazziotta JC. Modulation of cortical activity during different imitative behaviors. J Neurophysiol 2003;89:460-71. 5. Greyson B. Incidence and correlates of near-death experiences in a cardiac care unit. Gen Hosp Psychiatry 2003;25:269-76. 6. van Lommel P, van Wees R, Meyers V, Elfferich I. Near-death experience(More)
BACKGROUND Reported cases of nearly 2600 children (subjects) who claim to remember previous lives have been investigated in cultures with and without belief in reincarnation. The authenticity in most cases has been established. AIMS To study the influence of attitudes of parents of the subjects, families of the deceased person with whom they are(More)
Ð In an effort to contribute to the understanding of the origin of birthmarks and birth defects from the perspective of reincarnation, cases of children with memories of previous life and congenital anomalies were investigated in India, mostly in the 1990s. Reports of ten such cases are presented. The principal methods of investigation were interviews with(More)
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