Satu Pekkarinen

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To evaluate the effect of colloidal parameters on the activity of natural antioxidants, the effect of selected phenolic acids on both bulk and emulsified methyl linoleate oxidation (in the dark at 40 degrees C) was examined. Oxidation was monitored by determining the formation of hydroperoxides; their isomer distribution and ketodiene (oxodiene) products(More)
This paper examines an assistive technology targeted to ageing people: a safety alarm and the related service system. A safety alarm is not only a technical device; with the related system, it can be seen as a holistic opportunity for innovation. The operation of safety alarm systems and services depends on many critical points. Potholes lying in safety(More)
This study investigates aging customers as innovators in senior service markets by their innovation potential and characteristics as innovators in development of well-being services. The study focuses on an initiative to develop the service concept of a foundation providing homes for aging people in Finland. The participants generated ideas on housing and(More)
Many organizations embark on their knowledge management journey via a lessons learned program. This may entail establishing a lessons learned process for the organization to follow, as well as a lessons learned or best practices repository for ease of search and retrieval. Many of these lessons learned systems are ineffective due to a variety of reasons.(More)
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