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BACKGROUND AND OBJECTIVE Delirium in terminally ill cancer patients causes considerable distress to family members. The aim was to determine the family-perceived usefulness of a leaflet about delirium in terminally ill cancer patients. METHODS Family members received a leaflet about delirium designed for this study as a part of routine practice.(More)
OBJECTIVE We aimed to assess leaflet-based intervention effects on family-perceived distress, the need for improvements in professional care for delirium, and family knowledge of delirium causes. METHODS Leaflet-based intervention effects were assessed by comparing responses of family members given in the leaflet with those of a historical control group(More)
The number of pertussis cases in Japan has decreased dramatically following the nationwide use of an acellular pertussis vaccine combined with diphtheria-tetanus toxoids (DTaP vaccines) which began in 1981. However, the effectiveness of the DTaP vaccine has not been systematically evaluated using appropriate epidemiological methods during a non-epidemic(More)
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