Satpal Singh Kushwaha

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Leprosy deformities have been the cause of dehabilitation, destitution and social ostracism. Present study was planned and conducted in a rural area situated in eastern districts of Rajasthan. Out of 426 cases of leprosy, ninety cases were found suffering with deformities. The influences of various host factors and disease factors, in causation of(More)
Leprosy deformities have been considered as the main reason for dehabilitation and social ostracism. Prevention of deformities is considered as one of the most important objectives of leprosy control programme. In present work based on deformity status, efforts have been made to evolve new parameters and their possible application in assessment of leprosy(More)
Total population survey covering 28055 persons living in 34 villages of eastern Rajasthan was carried out. Out of 28055 persons 20276 (72.27%) were actually examined and 218 cases of leprosy were detected. Prevalence of leprosy was found to be 10.75/1000, which is very high and contrary to earlier observations regarding leprosy prevalence in Rajasthan.(More)
At the present scenario of the internet, there exist many optimization techniques to improve the Web speed but almost expensive in terms of bandwidth. So after a long investigation on different techniques to compress the data without any loss, a new algorithm is proposed based on LZ77 family which selectively models the references with backward movement and(More)
World Wide Web is growing rapidly so with this rapid expansion in the size of web, Information extraction on web is achieving its importance day by day. The user's query[1] plays a crucial role in the information retrieval process. So for the better information retrieval[2] results several methods have been proposed which help the user in the query(More)
World Wide Web is growing day by day so with this rapid development in the size of internet, Information extraction[1] on Internet is gaining its importance day by day. At present there are millions of Websites and billions of homepages available on the Internet. A large amount of on-line information resides on the invisible web[2] – web pages generated(More)
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