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In simulating realistic neuronal circuitry composed of diverse types of neurons, we need an elemental spiking neuron model that is capable of not only quantitatively reproducing spike times of biological neurons given in vivo-like fluctuating inputs, but also qualitatively representing a variety of firing responses to transient current inputs. Simplistic(More)
The syntheses of all stereoisomers of tetrasubstituted tetrahydrofuran lignan were accomplished, and the antimicrobial activity was examined. The 9,9'-diol compound bearing (7R,7'R,8R,8'R) and (7R,7'S,8R,8'R) stereochemistry showed the strongest antibacterial activity against Listeria denitrificans and Bacillus subtilis, respectively. It was also found that(More)
The radical and superoxide scavenging activities of oxidized matairesinols were examined. It could be assumed that the free benzylic position was important for higher radical scavenging activity. The different level of activity was observed between 7'-oxomatairesinol (Mat 2) and 7-oxomatairesinol (Mat 3). The activity of 8-hydroxymatairesinol was lower than(More)
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