Satoshi Yaguchi

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Chromosomal ends of most eukaryotes are composed of simple telomeric repeats. Arthropod telomeres are generally constituted by TTAGG pentanucleotide repeats; however, some insect species including Drosophila melanogaster do not have telomeric repeats. In contrast, the domestic silkworm Bombyx mori contains TTAGG-type telomeric repeats, but the telomerase(More)
We propose a method for arbitrary view synthesis from uncalibrated multiple camera system, targeting large spaces such as soccer stadiums. In Projective Grid Space (PGS), which is a three-dimensional space defined by epipolar geometry between two basis cameras in the camera system, we reconstruct three-dimensional shape models from silhouette images. Using(More)
In this paper, we present a method to synthesize high-quality virtual viewpoint image targeting the detailed texture objects. About 30 images are taken from multiple uncalibrated cameras around the object, and the Visual Hull model is reconstructed with Shape from Silhouette method. To deform 3D surface model that is converted from Visual Hull Model using(More)
We will show methods for interpolation of viewpoint from multiple cameras based on projective geometry. Projective relationship of multiple cameras can be obtained from weak calibration information, that can easily be corrected from the multiple view images. Such projective geometry provides sufficient information to reconstruct the 3D shape of the object(More)
In this paper, we present a method to improve the quality of synthesized new view images for Image Based Rendering approach from uncalibrated multiple views targeting the detailed texture objects. To deform 3D model using the information such as image texture and object silhouette, the difference between the real object and the reconstructed model is(More)
This study aims to clarify the enhancement effect on chromosomal aberrations via selective energy absorption by Cu atoms in cultured bone cancer cells with non-labelled Cu-pyruvaldehyde-bis(N(4)-methylsemicarbazone) (Cu-PTSM) and monochromatic X rays. The X rays having the energy of the Cu K-shell absorption edge arising from synchrotron radiation (KEK-PF)(More)
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