Satoshi Tsutsui

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—A key problem in automatic analysis and understanding of scientific papers is to extract semantic information from non-textual paper components like figures, diagrams, tables, etc. This research always requires a very first preprocessing step: decomposing compound multi-part figures into individual subfigures. Previous work in compound figure separation(More)
Alzheimer's disease (AD) is an irremediable disease that has a high social impact and requires further research. However , the current amount of literature is already overwhelming. This paper shows a case study that applies a machine reading approach to understand the overwhelming amount of papers without much prior knowledge on AD. Machine reading enables(More)
We have found recovery of the phonon softening in La 2−x Sr x CuO 4 (LSCO) in the over doped region where superconductivity degrades and normal metallic conductivity dominates by inelastic x-ray scattering (IXS). The softening of the highest energy longitudinal optical (LO) phonon mode in LSCO was observed when x is increased from zero to the optimum doping(More)
Which papers focusing on Alzheimer's disease (AD) include MRI scans of human brains? These images play an important role in clinical detection of AD, but finding them currently requires manual inspection of papers after a keyword search. In order to provide AD researchers with a more efficient way of finding relevant papers, here we focus on three(More)
Finding moral words and distinguishing the kinds of moral reasoning used in a text is an underdeveloped area of research with many potential applications. The present study attempts to apply Jonathan Haidt’s Moral Foundations Theory, a psychological theory of human morality that proposes the idea that there are five basic modules of morality, to a computer(More)
Ontologies are the basis of the Semantic Web. Owing to the cost of their construction and maintenance, however, there is much interest in automating their construction. Wikipedia is considered a promising source of knowledge because of its own characteristics. DBpedia extracts a large amount of ontological information from Wikipedia. However, DBpedia(More)
Recent work in computer vision has yielded impressive results in automatically describing images with natural language. Most of these systems generate captions in a single language, requiring multiple language-specific models to build a multilingual captioning system. We propose a very simple technique to build a single unified model across languages, using(More)
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