Satoshi Tatemichi

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We performed in vitro and in vivo experiments to evaluate the pharmacological profile of ritobegron and its effects on the bladder in rats. β3-AR selectivity was assessed using CHO cells expressing various subtypes of the human β-adrenoceptor (AR). Effects on isolated organs were evaluated using the organ-bath method. Effects on intravesical pressure, heart(More)
This study aimed to characterize the β-adrenoceptor (β-AR) subtype mediating relaxation of isolated human bladder strips and to explore relaxation by the novel β3-AR-selective agonist KUC-7322 for its relaxant effect on the human isolated detrusor and for its effect on the carbachol (CCh)-induced contractile response. In two parallel studies, relaxation of(More)
AIMS Our main aim was to compare the prostatic selectivity of silodosin with that of other alpha(1)-adrenoceptor (AR) antagonists. METHODS We examined uroselectivities in two sets of experiments namely, in vitro and in vivo functional studies using male dogs. In the in vitro study, after evaluating the inhibitory effects of silodosin on noradrenaline(More)
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