Satoshi Tanda

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Laser ablation of Ta plates using nanosecond optical vortex pulses was carried out, for the first time. It was suggested that owing to orbital angular momentum of optical vortex, clearer and smoother processed surfaces were obtained with less ablation threshold fluence, in comparison with the ablation by a nonvortex annular beam modified from a spatially(More)
We evaluate the quasi-one-dimensional (1D) electron dynamics in a NbSe3 ring crystal using polarization vortex pulses with various azimuthal distributions. The single particle relaxation component reveals a large anisotropy on the crystal, indicating that the electrons in the ring maintain their 1D character. The results also suggest that the polarization(More)
We discovered the chirality of charge-density waves (CDW) in 1T-TiSe₂ by using STM and time-domain optical polarimetry. We found that the CDW intensity becomes Ia₁∶Ia₂∶Ia₃ = 1∶0.7 ± 0.1∶0.5 ± 0.1, where Ia(i) (i=1,2,3) is the amplitude of the tunneling current contributed by the CDWs. There were two states, in which the three intensity peaks of the CDW(More)
Optical vortices (OVs) are the beams, having helical wavefronts due to their phase distribution of mϕ (m; integer, ϕ; azimuthal angle) in transverse plane [1]. Figure 1 shows typical images of a helical wavefronts and an intensity profile. OVs have annular intensity profiles resulting from on-axis phase singularity, and also have orbital(More)
Modern malware and spyware platforms attack existing antivirus solutions and even Microsoft PatchGuard. To protect users and business systems new technologies developed by Intel and AMD CPUs may be applied. To deal with the new malware we propose monitoring and controlling access to the memory in real time using Intel VT-x with EPT. We have checked this(More)
Electron in a quasi one-dimensional NbSe<inf>3</inf> whisker crystal form a collective state at low temperature. It is called charge density wave (CDW) state. Under certain condition, NbSe<inf>3</inf> grows as a ring crystal with closed loop structure [1]. This kind of global structural change brings an effect on a formation of the collective state [2]. For(More)
Quantum mechanics successfully describes physical processes at the microscopic scale and sometimes exhibits unique counter-intuitive phenomena. One such example is quantum-mechanical tunneling that cannot be explained in terms of classical mechanics. In search of an applicability for quantum mechanics on a macroscopic scale [1], the effect of dissipation on(More)
The quantum anomaly that breaks the symmetry, for example the parity and the chirality, in the quantization leads to a physical quantity with a topological Chern invariant. We report the observation of a Chern structure in the Bose-insulating phase of Sr2RuO4 nanofilms by employing electric transport. We observed the superconductor-to-insulator transition(More)