Satoshi Takasugi

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We examined zinc (Zn) metabolism in rats given diets containing excess calcium (Ca). Rats were given phytate-free diet containing 5 g Ca/kg (control), 12.5 g Ca/kg, or 25 g Ca/kg for 4 wk in Experiment 1. The dietary treatment did not affect Zn concentration in the plasma, testis, kidney, spleen and liver; however, Zn concentration in the femur and its(More)
We investigated the effect of magnesium supplementation on zinc distribution in rats given excess calcium as carbonate. Rats were given a control diet (5 g/kg calcium and 0.5 g/kg magnesium), a high calcium diet (HC, 25 g/kg calcium and 0.5 g/kg magnesium) or the high calcium diet supplied with magnesium (HCM, 25 g/kg calcium and 2.5 g/kg magnesium) for 4(More)
Excess calcium is well known to induce iron deficiency. Furthermore, excess calcium increases hepatic copper concentration and decreases renal copper concentration. We investigated the effect of iron supplementation on the tissue distribution of copper in rats given a high-calcium diet. Male rats (5 weeks old) were divided into four groups; a control group,(More)
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