Satoshi T. Ohki

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Using a microelectrophoresis instrument employing the Lazer-Zee system, the electrophoretic mobility of synaptic vesicles isolated from Guinea-pig brain cortex was measured under conditions. The mobility was found to depend on both pH and ionic concentration of the solution. The surface of the synaptic vesicle was shown to be negatively charged under(More)
A model is presented for the electrical potential distribution across a charged biological membrane that is in equilibrium with an electrolyte solution. We assume that a membrane has charged surface layers of thickness d on both surfaces of the membrane, where the fixed charges are distributed at a uniform density N within the layers, and that these charged(More)
The effect of synonymous substitutions in the melon necrotic spot virus p29 replicase gene on viral pathogenicity was investigated. The codons in the p29 gene were replaced by the least frequently used synonymous codons in Arabidopsis thaliana or melons. Mechanical inoculation of melon with p29 variants resulted in a loss of viral infectivity when all,(More)
We investigated the synergistic effects of co-infection by zucchini yellow mosaic virus (ZYMV) and cucumber mosaic virus (CMV) on viral distribution in the vascular tissues of cucumber. Immunohistochemical observations indicated that ZYMV was present in both the phloem and xylem tissues. ZYMV-RNA was detected in both the xylem wash and guttation fluid of(More)
Neutral electrolyzed water (NEW: pH 6.5–7.5) applied through an overhead irrigation system was evaluated for control of strawberry anthracnose caused by Colletotrichum fructicola. Conidia of the pathogen were completely killed by a 10-s exposure to 10.0 mg/L of available chlorine in the NEW. Disease suppression was significantly higher using the NEW(More)
We report the case of a 55-year-old man who initially visited the emergency department of our hospital owing to fever, headache, and neck stiffness. He was diagnosed with meningitis because cerebrospinal fluid culture was positive for Streptococcus pneumoniae. After intravenous antibiotic treatment, the patient's condition returned to normal. On hospital(More)
A practical method to detect carrot red leaf virus (CtRLV)-RNA in carrot seeds using a multiplex RT-nested PCR was developed. Total RNA was extracted from carrot seeds by the guanidine thiocyanate method. RT-PCR was performed with a one step RT-PCR kit with CtRLV primers and carrot ubiquitin primers for the internal control, and the second PCR was performed(More)
We present an instructive case of habitual left patellar dislocation in which the patella had appeared odd due to lateral tilt relative to contralateral side, but had been radiologically confirmed to be on the trochlea at 1 year prior to the referral. An 11-year-old girl presented to our hospital 2 years after the left patella had dislocated with a 'giving(More)
The permeability of the neutral form of tertiary amine local anesthetics across squid axon membranes was studied by utilizing three different experimental methods: (1) narcotic action of axon excitability was measured by monitoring the time derivative of action potential and the results were analyzed in terms of a diffusion reaction equation of local(More)
Transmembrane resting potentials of squid axons were measured with variation of intracellular salt concentrations. It was found that the dependence of resting potential on the extracellular K-ion concentration was practically unaffected by the change of ionic strength in the intracellular phase, and the relationship of membrane potential and the logarithm(More)
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