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Equal amounts of matter and antimatter are predicted to have been produced in the Big Bang, but our observable Universe is clearly matter-dominated. One of the prerequisites for understanding this elimination of antimatter is the nonconservation of charge-parity (CP) symmetry. So far, two types of CP violation have been observed in the neutral K meson(More)
A. Matyja, M. Rozanska, I. Adachi, H. Aihara, V. Aulchenko, T. Aushev, S. Bahinipati, A. M. Bakich, V. Balagura, E. Barberio, I. Bedny, V. Bhardwaj, U. Bitenc, A. Bondar, A. Bozek, M. Bračko, J. Brodzicka, T. E. Browder, M.-C. Chang, P. Chang, A. Chen, K.-F. Chen, B. G. Cheon, R. Chistov, I.-S. Cho, Y. Choi, Y. K. Choi, J. Dalseno, M. Dash, S. Eidelman, S.(More)
s from the 8th International Congress of the Asia Pacific Society of Infection Control (APSIC) Bangkok, Thailand. 12-15 February 2017 Published: 22 February 2017 Session: Antimicrobial Resistance AR1 Key stakeholders’ perspectives on the underlying causes of antimicrobial resistance in Thailand Nantanit Sutthiruk, Mari Botti, Julie Considine, Andrea(More)
We report a measurement of D0-D(0) mixing parameters in D(0) --> K(s)(0) pi(+) pi(-) decays using a time-dependent Dalitz-plot analysis. We first assume CP conservation and subsequently allow for CP violation. The results are based on 540 fb(-1) of data accumulated with the Belle detector at the KEKB e(+)e(-) collider. Assuming negligible CP violation, we(More)
We report an observation of the decay B{0}-->D{*-}tau{+}nu{tau} in a data sample containing 535x10{6} BB pairs collected with the Belle detector at the KEKB asymmetric-energy e{+}e{-} collider. We find a signal with a significance of 5.2sigma and measure the branching fraction B(B{0}-->D{*-}tau{+}nu{tau})=(2.02{-0.37}{+0.40}(stat)+/-0.37(syst))%. This is(More)
We present a search for the rare decays B --> h(*)nunu[over ], where h(*) stands for a light meson. A data sample of 535 x 10{6} BB[over ] pairs collected with the Belle detector at the KEKB e{+}e{-} collider is used. Signal candidates are required to have an accompanying B meson fully reconstructed in a hadronic mode and signal side particles consistent(More)
In collaboration between the in-hospital nutrition support team and infection control team, we attempted to standardize the management of infusion therapy. We report on a simple and effective at-home infusion therapy, after total parenteral nutrition(TPN)therapy, by using a Broviac catheter in a discharged patient with a severe skin condition. The patient(More)
We are managing 8 home care patients who have a gastrostomy made using an endoscopic percutaneous technique as a route of parenteral alimentation. Based on our experience, the preconditions for an endoscopic percutaneous gastrostomy as a route of parenteral alimentation are 1. normal gastrointestinal function, 2. difficulty in swallowing, 3. possibility(More)
Since in a home care nurse station the arrangement of personnel is planned to carry out patient's home care in accordance with the individual patient's Care Plan, to provide palliative home care to end-stage cancer patients who frequently require extraordinary visits, it is necessary to employ full-time nurses. On the other hand, to make ends meet there(More)
We, 4 authors, visited 4 surgical centers in the United States last year on a tour sponsored by the Japanese Association for Operative Medicine. The surgical center of each hospital we visited aimed to contribute to the hospital not only in terms of financial strength but also in the creation of a unique hospital brand value by increasing the number of(More)