Satoshi Shinohara

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Variable-weight optical orthogonal code (OOC) was introduced by Yang for multimedia optical CDMA systems with multiple quality of service (QoS) requirements. In this paper, the upper bound on the size of variable-weight OOCs is improved, a cyclic <i>t</i>-(<i>v</i>, <i>W</i>, &#x03BB;, <i>Q</i>) packing is introduced to construct a variable-weight OOC, an(More)
To clarify measures for making clearer instructions on how to read the results of general health checkups in a workplace by surveying the views of workers on these instructions, an anonymous self-administered questionnaire survey was conducted at a Japanese manufacturing plant. The responses of 984 male workers were analyzed. The average age of the subjects(More)
AIM There is no consensus opinion regarding a possible relation between low 50-g glucose challenge test (GCT) results and small-for-gestational-age infants (SGA). This study aimed to clarify the relation between low 50-g GCT results and SGA, after adjusting for potential confounding factors, using a large clinical dataset. MATERIAL AND METHODS Our(More)
We introduce here two types of balanced nested designs (BND), which are called symmetric and pair-sum BNDs. In this paper, we give a construction for pair-sum BNDs of BIBDs from nested BIBDs and perpendicular arrays. We also give some direct constructions for pair-sum BNDs of BIBDs, based on the result obtained by Wilson (1972). By use of these(More)
OBJECTIVE To assess whether the high soluble fms-like tyrosine kinase-1 (sFlt-1) to placental growth factor (PlGF) ratio is associated with adverse outcomes (e.g., HELLP syndrome [hemolysis, elevated liver enzymes, and low platelets], severe hypertension uncontrolled by medication, non-reassuring fetal status, placental abruption, pulmonary edema, growth(More)
Spinal anesthesia is regularly performed worldwide and is an integral part of the modern day anesthesia practice. Although unexpected cardiac arrests during this procedure are very rare, medical professionals should be aware of the potential for this complication. In making the decision to use spinal anesthesia, judicious patient selection, adequate(More)