Satoshi Shinohara

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Variable-weight optical orthogonal code (OOC) was introduced by Yang for multimedia optical CDMA systems with multiple quality of service (QoS) requirements. In this paper, the upper bound on the size of variable-weight OOCs is improved, a cyclic <i>t</i>-(<i>v</i>, <i>W</i>, &#x03BB;, <i>Q</i>) packing is introduced to construct a variable-weight OOC, an(More)
We introduce here two types of balanced nested designs (BND), which are called symmetric and pair-sum BNDs. In this paper, we give a construction for pair-sum BNDs of BIBDs from nested BIBDs and perpendicular arrays. We also give some direct constructions for pair-sum BNDs of BIBDs, based on the result obtained by Wilson (1972). By use of these(More)
To clarify measures for making clearer instructions on how to read the results of general health checkups in a workplace by surveying the views of workers on these instructions, an anonymous self-administered questionnaire survey was conducted at a Japanese manufacturing plant. The responses of 984 male workers were analyzed. The average age of the subjects(More)
Let V be an algebraic curve. P is a set of points on V. C is a set of curves each of which intersects V at some points of P. We denote I P (C, V) as the intersection multiplicity of C ∈ C with V at the point P ∈ P. If (V, P, C) satisfies the following conditions, we call it a symmetric set of curves: (1) for any point p ∈ P, the number of C having(More)
The role in which electronic endoscopy plays is important in EMR. It is useful in diagnosis and treatment of gastric cancer from a clinical viewpoint. EMR with use of electronic endoscopy allows better coordination between the operator and assistants, and thus improves the results further.
OBJECTIVE The relationship between pre-pregnancy body mass index (BMI) and low glucose challenge test (GCT) results by maternal weight status has not been examined. This study aimed to clarify the relationship between a low GCT result and small for gestational age (SGA) by maternal weight status. DESIGN A retrospective cohort study in 2 hospitals. (More)
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