Satoshi Shimomura

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GaAs/GaAsBi coaxial multishell nanowires were grown by molecular beam epitaxy. Introducing Bi results in a characteristic nanowire surface morphology with strong roughening. Elemental mappings clearly show the formation of the GaAsBi shell with inhomogeneous Bi distributions within the layer surrounded by the outermost GaAs, having a strong structural(More)
We report a GaAs0.96Bi0.04/GaAs multiple quantum well (MQW) light emitting diode (LED) grown by molecular beam epitaxy using a two-substrate-temperature (TST) technique. In particular, the QWs and the barriers in the intrinsic region were grown at the different temperatures of [Formula: see text] = 350 °C and [Formula: see text] respectively. Investigations(More)
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