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The worldwide computing infrastructure on the growing computer network technology is a leading technology to make a v ariety of information services accessible through the Internet for every users from the high performance computing users through many of personal computing users. The important feature of such services is location transparency; information(More)
The Grid Datafarm (Gfarm) architecture is designed for global petascale data-intensive computing. It provides a global parallel filesystem with online petascale storage, scalable I/O bandwidth, and scalable parallel processing, and it can exploit local I/O in a grid of clusters with tens of thousands of nodes. Gfarm parallel I/O APIs and commands provide a(More)
We have been developing an overlay construction toolkit called Overlay Weaver as the groundwork for future research on algorithms. Algorithm designers can implement structured overlay algorithms in just hundreds of lines of code with the toolkit and improve these rapidly by iterative testing them on a single computer. The toolkit enables designers to make(More)
Ninf is an ongoing global network-wide computing infrastructure project which allows users to access computational resources including hardware , software and scientific data distributed across a wide area network. Ninf is intended not only to exploit high performance in network parallel computing, but also to provide high quality numerical computation(More)
Grid Datafarm architecture is designed for facilitating reliable file sharing and high-performance distributed and parallel data computing in a Grid across administrative domains by providing a global virtual file system. Gfarm ÌÅ v2 is an attempt to implement a global virtual file system that supports a complete set of standard POSIX APIs, while still(More)
A comprehensive study of the whole petabyte-scale archival data of astronomical observatories has a possibility of new science and new knowledge in the field, while it was not feasible so far due to lack of enough data analysis environment. The Grid Datafarm architecture is designed for global petabyte-scale data-intensive computing, which provides a Grid(More)
GridRPC, which is an RPC mechanism tailored for the Grid, is an attractive programming model for Grid computing. This paper reports on the design and implementation of a GridRPC programming system called Ninf-G. Ninf-G is a reference implementation of the GridRPC API which has been proposed for standardization at the Global Grid Forum. In this paper, we(More)
IaaS (Infrastructure-as-a-Service) is an emerging concept of cloud computing, which allows users to obtain hardware resources from virtualized data centers. Although many commercial IaaS clouds have recently been launched, dynamic virtual machine (VM) migration is not possible among service providers; users are locked into a particular provider, and cannot(More)
This paper reports on the design, implementation and performance evaluation of a suite of GridRPC programming middleware called Ninf-G Version 2 (Ninf-G2). Ninf-G2 is a reference implementation of the GridRPC API, a proposed GGF standard. Ninf-G2 has been designed so that it provides 1) high performance in a large-scale computational Grid, 2) the rich(More)
Omni remote procedure call facility, OmniRPC, is a thread-safe grid RPC facility for cluster and global computing environments. The remote libraries are implemented as executable programs in each remote computer, and OmniRPC automatically allocates remote library calls dynamically on appropriate remote computers to facilitate location transparency. We(More)