Satoshi Sano

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We experimentally and numerically demonstrate the dual synchronization of chaos in two pairs of one-way-coupled Mackey-Glass electronic circuits with time-delayed feedback. The outputs of the two drive circuits are mixed and used both for the feedback signal to the two drive circuits and for the transmission signal to the two response circuits. We(More)
Human haematopoietic prostaglandin D synthase (H-PGDS; EC produces prostaglandin D(2), an allergic and inflammatory mediator, in mast cells and Th2 cells. H-PGDS has been crystallized with novel inhibitors with half-maximal inhibitory concentrations (IC(50)) in the low nanomolar range by the counter-diffusion method onboard the Russian Service(More)
Cytochrome c was reduced by ferrous EDTA over the pH range 0.7 to 5.5, but not by ferrous ions alone. A typical hemochromogen of the low spin type was observed between pH 2.2 and 5.5, but spectra of the high spin type were seen between pH 0.7 and 2.1. CO-Ferrocytochrome c was obtained over the pH range of 1.6 to 3.2 by this method. The spectrum was similar(More)
Lipocalin-type prostaglandin (PG) D synthase (L-PGDS) catalyzes the isomerization of PGH(2) to PGD(2) and is involved in the regulation of pain and of nonrapid eye movement sleep and the differentiation of male genital organs and adipocytes, etc. L-PGDS is secreted into various body fluids and binds various lipophilic compounds with high affinities, acting(More)
Green, D. E. & Gibson, D. M. (1960). In Metabolic Pathways, vol. 1, p. 330. Ed. by Greenberg, D. M. New York: Academic Press Inc. Lieber, C. S. & Davidson, C. S. (1962). Amer. J. Med. 33, 319. Lieber, C. S. & Schmid, R. (1961). J. clin. Invest. 40, 394. Mallov, S. & Bloch, J. L. (1956). Amer. J. Phy8iol. 184, 29, Nyberg, A., Schuberth, J. & Auggird, L.(More)
The transcription termination factor NusA from Aeropyrum pernix was crystallized using a counter-diffusion technique in both terrestrial and microgravity environments. Crystallization under microgravity conditions significantly reduced the twinning content (1.0%) compared with terrestrially grown crystals (18.3%) and improved the maximum resolution from 3.0(More)