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layers of rumen and body. These cells were identified as mast cell by metachromasia of the cytoplasmic granules with toluidine blue. The gastric ulceration due to cold stress was produced mainly in the body, and its ulceration occured in the antrum and rumen after the prolonged exposure to the cold stress. The fluorescent mast cells in the serosal, muscular(More)
Present study was undertaken to develop an apparatus for heart rate biofeedback training in clinical basis. The plethysmographic transducer was used for detection of pulses. The main part of this apparatus is composed of three systems in function, that is, an audiovisual feedback system of heart rate in analogue and digital manners, a reinforcement system(More)
Circadian variations of blood gastrin levels at 4-hour intervals for 24 hours were studied in patients with peptic ulcer and in healthy control subjects under non-stimulated conditions directly before each meal and during the night time. The variation patterns were classified into 4 groups; Type A which showed little variation of blood gastrin levels during(More)