Satoshi Okui

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Narrowing is an important method for solving unification problems in equational theories that are presented by confluent term rewriting systems. Because narrowing is a rather complicated operation, several authors studied calculi in which narrowing is replaced by more simple inference rules. This paper is concerned with one such calculus. Contrary to what(More)
In this paper we study the non-determinism between the inference rules of the lazy narrowing calculus lnc (Middeldorp et al., 1996). We show that all non-determinism can be removed without losing the important completeness property by restricting the underlying term rewriting systems to left-linear confluent constructor systems and interpreting equality as(More)
We introduce simultaneous critical pairs, which account for simultaneous overlapping of several rewrite rules. Based on this, we introduce a new CR-criterion widely applicable to arbitrary left-linear term rewriting systems. Our result extends the well-known criterion given by Huet (1980), Toyama (1988), and Oostrom (1997) and incomparable with other(More)
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