Satoshi Okubo

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The resistance of the respiratory system to flow may be conveniently assessed by the flow-interruption technique, in which the flow of gas at the mouth of a subject is suddenly interrupted, while the pressure just distal to the point of interruption, is recorded. There is a rapid change in pressure immediately upon interruption, presumably giving the(More)
A tetrapolar circuit and method using a magnetic field is proposed for measuring the local electric impedance change in living tissue. On the basis of this method, the authors designed an apparatus that can detect impedance changes in two closely situated parts of living tissue, simultaneously and independently. Using this apparatus, they showed the(More)
[Purpose] Kinematic and kinetic characteristics of the limb during side-hopping and hip/knee interaction during this motion have not been clarified. The purposes of this study were to examine the biomechanical parameters of the knee during side hop and analyze its relationship with clinical measurements of hip function. [Subjects and Methods] Eleven male(More)
Ultrafine-grained (UFG) pure copper of 280 nm grain size was prepared by equal-channel angular pressing. Tensile tests, strain-rate change tests and temperature change tests were conducted on UFG Cu in the temperature range between 77K and 373K. As usual, tensile strength increased as temperature decreased and strain rate increased. The activation energy of(More)
The transient response of an overdamped system is a monotonically changing output. We present a rapid method for fitting smooth curves to suc responses that is capable of describing multicomponent transients. Confidence intervals on the fitted curves are also obtained. In addition, the curves can be made to extrapolate monotonically. We demonstrate the(More)
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