Satoshi Okawa

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In this paper, we attempt to characterize the class of recursively enumerable languages with much smaller language classes than that of linear languages. Language classes, (i; j) LL and (i; j)ML, of (i; j) linear languages and (i; j) minimal linear languages are de ned by posing restrictions on the form of production rules and the number of nonterminals.(More)
It is known that if a Büchi context-free language (BCFL) consists of scattered words, then there is an integer n, depending only on the language, such that the Hausdorff rank of each word in the language is bounded by n. Every BCFL is a Müller context-free language (MCFL). In the first part of the paper, we prove that an MCFL of scattered words is a BCFL(More)
The present paper introduces a new approach to the construction of a sequence set with a zero-correlation zone. The proposed sequences can be constructed from a pair of Hadamard matrices of the orders n<inf>0</inf> and n<inf>1</inf>. The constructed sequence set consists of n<inf>0</inf>n<inf>1</inf> ternary sequences, each of length(More)