Satoshi Ogata

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Spreading more than twice as fast as PCs, smartphones are quickly becoming the primary mean for Internet access. However, smartphones today are still constrained by limited computation resources such as CPU, memory and battery. In this paper, we present a framework that automatically offloads heavy back-end tasks of a regular standalone Android application(More)
Application of DS-SS (Direct Sequence-Spread Spectrum) communication scheme is expected to realize efficient and reliable IVC (Inter-Vehicle Communication) system in ITS. This scheme has a lot of advantages such as robustness against additive noise and interference, possible to CDMA (Code Division Multiple Access) and so on. In this paper, the DS-SS IVC(More)
This paper discusses the IVC (Inter Vehicle Communication) system for ITS. DS-SS (Direct Sequence Spread Spectrum) is used for the IVC because it has CDMA (Code Division Multiple Access) capability. However, efficient PN code allocation scheme is a problem to solve because the vehicles communication directly without base stations. In this paper, the(More)
The presence of bio-substances in the near-wall region in micro bio-chemical analysis chips is an important topic but one which is difficult to investigate directly. In this paper we developed an accurate 3D-TIRFM technique, which was used to investigate the three-dimensional positions of nano-particles. The depth was calibrated using a piezo stage. As an(More)
The hydrodynamic instability of surfactant solutions between two coaxial cylinders was investigated by using a laser-induced-fluorescence flow visualization technique to clarify the effect of drag-reducing additives on vortex formation in Taylor-Couette flow. The test fluids were Ethoquad O/12 surfactant solutions, which have a gel-like structure called(More)
Some microtextured surfaces strongly repel water. In particular, surfaces with contact angle (CA) higher than 150 degrees are called superhydrophobic surfaces and many studies to obtain such surfaces have been reported. However, none of them could be a guide to achieve superhydrophobicity and the thermodynamic mechanisms are not well understood. In this(More)
A coil feeder has been developed which permits the use of coiled bar stocks for hot-forging facilities to manufacture nuts and other parts of automobiles. This coil-feeder for hot-formers was developed with a high-accuracy frequency control system. It consists of an uncoiler, a straightener, and a pair of pinch rollers. This system improves the product(More)
In this paper, improvement of the performance of the IVC system using the location oriented PN code allocation is studied. In this system, allocation of PN codes for each vehicle is easy. However interference problem occurs when multiple vehicles are locating in the area where the equivalent PN code is allocated. In order to mitigate the interference, MCS(More)
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