Satoshi Obayashi

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In our previous studies patients with schizophrenia and their parents had less frequent eye fixations and a more limited area of inspection than normal controls while freely viewing stationary S-shaped figures. The present study attempted to discriminate schizophrenics from non-schizophrenics using exploratory eye movements. Two groups (A and B) were(More)
Exploratory eye movements are psychophysiological indicators of schizophrenia as well as smooth pursuit eye movements. To investigate whether these eye movements change in accordance with the clinical course of the condition in schizophrenia, exploratory eye movements (number of eye fixations, mean eye scanning length, responsive search score, evaluation of(More)
Objectives. To identify the correlates of headaches in middle-aged women and investigate the effects of Tokishakuyakusan (TJ-23), a formula of traditional Japanese herbal therapy Kampo, on headache and concomitant depression. Methods. We examined cross-sectionally the baseline records of 345 women aged 40-59 years who visited our menopause clinic. Among(More)
The main World Health Organization (WHO) activities of the Tokyo Center are as follows: (1) It performed the research project entitled 'A Bio-Psycho-Social Study on Children with Emotional and Behavioral Problems' in cooperation with the Beijing and Seoul Centers from 1985 to 1987. These results suggested that the deviant behavior of children in the general(More)
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