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This paper describes a biped walking control system based on the reactive force interaction control at the foothold. 1) robust control of reactive force/torque interaction at the foothold based on Cartesian space motion controller. 2) the posture control considering the physical constraints of the reactive force/torque at the foothold by quadratic(More)
The present study investigated the differential effects of emotions evoked by music on heart rate (HR) and its variability (HRV) during the playing of music on the piano compared to those in persons listening to the same music. Thirteen elite pianists underwent experiments under expressive piano playing, nonexpressive piano playing, expressive listening,(More)
A three-dimensional force transducer was installed in the neck of a violin under the A string at the D5 position in order to study the force with which the violinist clamps the string against the fingerboard under normal playing conditions. Violinists performed repetitive sequences of open A- and fingered D-tones using the ring finger at tempi of 1, 2, 4,(More)
PURPOSE This study aimed to identify detailed differences in laparoscopic surgical processes between expert and novice surgeons in a training environment and demonstrate that surgical process modeling can be used for such detailed analysis. METHODS Eleven expert surgeons each of whom had performed [Formula: see text] laparoscopic procedures were compared(More)
A 53-year-old right-handed woman had an extensive lesion in the left hemisphere due to an infarction caused by vasospasm secondary to subarachnoid bleeding. She exhibited persistent expressive-vocal amusia with no symptoms of aphasia. Evaluation of the patient's musical competence using the Montreal Battery for Evaluation of Amusia, rhythm reproduction(More)
PURPOSE We developed and evaluated a visual compensation system that allows surgeons to visualize obscured regions in real time, such that the surgical instrument appears virtually transparent. METHODS The system consists of two endoscopes: a main endoscope to observe the surgical environment, and a supporting endoscope to render the region hidden from(More)
Force generated between the left mandible of violinists and the chinrest of the violin was examined using a force-sensing chinrest developed in this study. A strain-gauge force sensor was built, and it was fixed between the violin’s top plate and a chin cup. Fifteen professional/amateur violinists held the violin statically, played musical scales with(More)
Visual information has been observed to be crucial for audience members during musical performances. The present study used an eye tracker to investigate audience members' gazes while appreciating an audiovisual musical ensemble performance, based on evidence of the dominance of musical part in auditory attention when listening to multipart music that(More)
PURPOSE An endoscopic system is needed that presents informative images irrespective of the surgical situation and the number of degrees of freedom in endoscopic manipulation. This goal may be achieved with a virtual reality view for a region of interest from an arbitrary viewpoint. An endoscopic pseudo-viewpoint alternation system for this purpose was(More)
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