Satoshi Nishimura

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The VC-1 is a parallel graphics machine for polygon rendering based on image composition. This paper describes the architecture of the VC-1 along with a parallel polygon rendering algorithm for it. The structure of the VC-1 is a loosely-coupled array of 16 general-purpose processors, each of which is equipped with a local frame buffer. The contents of the(More)
A 30-year-old female presented with a rare case of isolated recurrence of granulocytic sarcoma manifesting as extra- and intracranial masses 16 months after successful treatment of acute myeloblastic leukemia (M-2). She presented with a swelling located on her forehead that had appeared just after hitting her forehead, and never diminished in size. The mass(More)
Realistic image synthesis is an important research goal in computer graphics. One important factor to achieve this goal is a bidirectional reflectance distribution function (BRDF) that mainly governs an appearance of an object. Many BRDF models have therefore been developed. A physically-based BRDF based on microfacet theory [Cook and Torrance 1982] is(More)