Satoshi Nakata

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The synchronized self-motion of two camphor boats on polygonal water chambers was investigated. The two boats synchronously moved depending on the number of corners in the polygon by changing the distance between the two boats through the corners. We regard the self-motion of a camphor boat as an oscillator; i.e., one cycle on the polygonal chamber(More)
This study was conducted to monitor the electrochemical responses of two proteins (bovine serum albumin (BSA) and gelatin) and their thiol derivatives adsorbed onto gold (Au) electrodes, which were analyzed by a "nonlinear" impedance method. A sinusoidal voltage is applied to a protein-containing aqueous solution and the waveform of the output current is(More)
A change in the mode of self-motion was investigated for a camphor disk on water upon the addition of sulfate surfactants with alkyl chains of different lengths as a simple autonomous system. With an increase in the concentration of surfactant with a longer alkyl chain (number of hydrocarbons: 14 or 16), two mode changes (continuous --> intermittent(More)
We study the Arnold tongue of a nonlinear electrochemical oscillator entrained to an electrical periodic forcing. In our system, the width of the 1:3 entrainment region was broader than that of the 1:2 region. The 1:1 and 1:3 regions became monotonically broad when the conductance of the electrode cell was increased by the electrochemical redox reaction of(More)
Self-propelled objects can become potential biomimetic micromachines, but a versatile strategy is required to add the desired functions. Introducing a characteristic chemical reaction is a simple answer; however, the problem is how the chemical reaction is coupled to the self-propelled motion. We propose a strategy to select the chemical reaction so that(More)
The three-dimensional ultrastructure of the TMJ disk of two normal rhesus monkeys was investigated using the SEM. The upper and under surface of the TMJ disk consists of a close network of delicate collagen fibrils. On the undersurface, they have an undulating configuration, with the elevations running in one direction. On the upper surface, irregular and(More)
We investigated the Marangoni flow around a camphor disk on water with the addition of sodium dodecyl sulfate (SDS). The flow velocity decreased with an increase in the concentration of SDS in the aqueous phase, and flow was hardly observed around the critical micelle concentration (cmc), because SDS reduced the driving force of Marangoni flow. However, the(More)
A gas-sensing system based on a dynamic nonlinear response is reported to improve the selectivity in the sensor response toward sample gases. A cyclic temperature composed of fundamental and second harmonics was applied to a SnO(2) semiconductor gas sensor and the resulting conductance of the sensor was analyzed by fast Fourier transformation (FFT). The(More)
We propose an inanimate system composed of camphor boats in an annular water channel in order to understand the collective motions. The boats move on the water surface spontaneously and interact with one another through the concentration of the camphor molecules on the water. We observed several modes of collective motion, e.g., behaviors analogous to(More)
Spontaneous deformation of a tetradecane droplet with palmitic acid on an aqueous phase with stearyltrimethylammonium chloride is reported. Palmitic acid is transported from the oil droplet to the aqueous phase by the concentration difference between the organic and the aqueous phases. The transport of palmitic acid causes the oil droplet interface to(More)