Satoshi Nagatomo

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The accuracy of Stereo 3D Measurement Method strongly depends on the accuracy of calibration. But, it's very difficult to maintain optical systems in exactly the same. So, we are always pressed by painful calibration. For this, some self-calibration methods are developed, but they are not a panacea for all situation. To solve this problem, we proposed(More)
In this paper, the three-dimensional surface shape measurement system with the temperature information is introduced. The measurement is established using a three-dimensional surface measurement system and a thermography. The measurement system is composed of CCD camera, a laser and thermography. The laser is projected to the object and the laser streak(More)
Recently, children are exercising less and less. Decreasing of children's physical strength is becoming a problem. There are many data about physical strength, but there are few numerical and statistical data about exercise ability. Therefore, the no-contact sensing system which can measure children's exercise ability numerically should be developed. This(More)
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