Satoshi Murayama

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A Manduca sexta (tobacco hornworm) cysteine protease inhibitor, MsCPI, purified from larval hemolymph has an apparent molecular mass of 11.5 kDa, whereas the size of the mRNA is very large (∼9 kilobases). MsCPI cDNA consists of a 9,273 nucleotides that encode a polypeptide of 2,676 amino acids, which includes nine tandemly repeated MsCPI domains, four(More)
The somatotopic organization of the human primary somatosensory (SI) area in the cerebral cortex has been intensively studied for the hand, lip, and tongue, but little is known about the gingiva. Penfield concluded that the gingival SI area was above the tongue area, as shown in his famous homunculus map. However, our recent study suggested that the lingual(More)
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