Satoshi Matsushita

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Cardiac stem cells (CSCs) are promising candidates for use in myocardial regenerative therapy. We test the hypothesis that growing cardiac-derived cells as three-dimensional cardiospheres may recapitulate a stem cell niche-like microenvironment, favoring cell survival and enhancing functional benefit after transplantation into the injured heart. CSCs and(More)
OBJECTIVES The purpose of this study was to test the safety and efficacy of direct injection of cardiosphere-derived cells (CDCs) and their 3-dimensional precursors, cardiospheres, for cellular cardiomyoplasty in a mini-pig model of heart failure after myocardial infarction. BACKGROUND Intracoronary administration of CDCs has been demonstrated to reduce(More)
A family of injectable and thermosensitive hydrogels suitable for myocardial injection was developed to deliver cardiosphere-derived cells (CDCs), an emerging and promising cell type for cardiac cell therapy. The hydrogels were based on polycaprolactone, N-isopropylacrylamide, 2-hydroxyethyl methacrylate and dimethyl-γ-butyrolactone acrylate. Atom transfer(More)
Linearizability is the strongest form of consistency for concurrent systems, but most large-scale storage systems settle for weaker forms of consistency. RIFL provides a general-purpose mechanism for converting at-least-once RPC semantics to exactly-once semantics, thereby making it easy to turn non-linearizable operations into linearizable ones. RIFL is(More)
We propose a speculative multi-threading processor architecture called Pinot. Pinot exploits parallelism over a wide range of granularities without modifying program sources. Since exploitation of fine-grain parallelism suffers from limits of parallelism and overhead incurred by parallelization, it is better to extract coarse-grain parallelism. Coarse-grain(More)
Recent studies have shown that triptolide inhibits T cell activation through mechanisms different from those of cyclosporine A and tacrolimus and we postulated that triptolide might have a synergistic effect with tacrolimus to enhance immunosuppression. Using a F344 donor-to-Lewis recipient rat combination, we investigated the immunosuppressive effects of(More)
The lack of cell retention clearly represents a potentially serious limitation for therapeutic efficacy of stem cells. To enhance the efficacy, we developed a novel hydrogel that is thermosensitive and biodegradable and possesses desirable stiffness in a solid form. Immediately after induction of myocardial infarction of male rat, cardiac outgrowth cells(More)
Gap junctions formed by connexins mediate cell-cell communication by electrical and chemical coupling. Recently, it has been shown that alterations in the phosphorylation state of the connexins result in functional alteration of cell-cell communication through gap junctions. Therefore, we focused on the association of alterations of phosphorylation state of(More)
Meta-analyses of intracoronary autologous bone marrow cell infusion in patients with acute myocardial infarction establish the procedure as safe. Nonetheless, the typical small increase in ejection fraction is of uncertain clinical significance, with little if any evidence of myocardial regeneration. In this paper, we describe 3 new paradigms of myocardial(More)