Satoshi Kunimitsu

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In recent years, several projects have advanced the research and development related to the automation of the protein crystallization process. However, the evaluation of crystallization states has not been completely automated yet. In the usual crystallization process, the researchers evaluate the crystallization growth states of the protein solution(More)
This paper proposes a technique of the extended template matching that detects the object with two-dimensional standard shape under the outdoor environment. Under the outdoor environment, the intensity distribution of the object changes variously by the change in the lighting condition and the change in the surface properties of the object. On the other(More)
In recent years, high speed and automation have been promoted to provide higher efficiency for container handling in cranes handling containers such as container cranes and transfer cranes. To bring about automation in these cases, it is important to detect the positioning of hoisting loads accurately. In 1996, Mitsubishi Heavy Industries, Ltd.(MHI)(More)
In recent years, the research related to automation of the crystallization process has been examined in several projects. In usual crystallization process, the researchers observe the crystallization states in the protein solution samples and record the state based on one's visual impression. This evaluation is very important but requires a great deal of(More)
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