Satoshi Kosunago

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To determine the mechanism of the growth inhibition associated with the induction of erythroid differentiation in K562 cells by hemin, we used two K562 subclones with different hemoglobin (Hb)-producing activity. Hemin strongly inhibited the growth of K562-L, which had a low Hb-producing activity, but not that of K562-H, which had a high Hb-producing(More)
Two clones of the K562 human leukemic cell line were isolated according to hemoglobin (Hb) expression. One clone was expressed less than 5% (K562-L) and the other more than 90% (K562-H). The two clones did not exhibit any difference in cell growth or cell cycle. However, the Hb expression of K562-H cells was reduced by succinylacetone (S.A.). The above(More)
Two subclones (K562-L and -H) were previously isolated from K562 human leukemic cells according to hemoglobin production: K562-L was expressed in less than 5% and K562-H in more than 90% of dianisidine positive cells. 12-O-Tetradecanoylphorbol-13- acetate (TPA) suppressed the expression of the erythrocytic (glycophorin A) and myelocytic (CD11b) antigens in(More)
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