Satoshi Kiyono

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We describe a new method of angle measurement that is based on the internal-reflection effect at an air-glass boundary. The method uses a differential detection scheme to largely reduce the inherent nonlinearity of the reflectance versus the angle of incidence in internal reflection. With nonlinearity reduced, the displacement of the angle of incidence can(More)
We describe a high-precision angle sensor and a new calibration system for calibrating the linearity error of an angle sensor under in situ conditions without the need for accurate reference instruments. To achieve accuracy in the nanoradian (nrad) order, we elongated the critical-angle prism to increase the sensitivity, and we added a thermal controller to(More)
This paper describes an intelligent nano-probe for precision nanofabrication of complex surfaces. The probe is a hybrid of a fast controlled diamond cutting unit (FTC-unit) and a highly-sensitive piezoelectric force sensor. The FTC-unit consists of a diamond cutting tool and a PZT actuator. Complex surfaces can be generated through fast controlling the(More)
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