Satoshi Kitaoka

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To predict the performance of coppice forests with Japanese oak (Quercus mongolica var. crispula) in future changing environment, we studied the growth, photosynthesis, and powdery mildew (Erysiphe alphitoides) infection of sprouts of Japanese oak under free-air CO2 enrichment. Elevated CO2 reduced powdery mildew infection in both leaves of the shoot(More)
Elevated CO 2 concentration affected biomass partitioning in above-ground biomass, but size and number of water-conducting cells were unchanged in Larix kaempferi, Kalopanax septemlobus and Betula platyphylla. Using a Free-Air CO2 Enrichment (FACE) system, we studied the effect of elevated CO2 on the growth, leaf gas exchange and xylem anatomy of a conifer,(More)
The chronic administration of morphine to patients with neuropathic pain results in the development of a gradual tolerance to morphine. Although the detailed mechanism of this effect has not yet been elucidated, one of the known causes is a decrease in μ-opioid receptor function with regard to the active metabolite of morphine,(More)
Ground-level ozone (O3) concentrations are expected to increase over the 21(st) century, especially in East Asia. However, the impact of O3 has not been directly assessed at the forest level in this region. We performed O3 flux-based risk assessments of carbon sequestration capacity in an old cool temperate deciduous forest, consisting of O3-sensitive(More)
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