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A novel power supply for medical implants has been developed. A wireless near-infrared power transmission recharges a lithium secondary battery in the power supply. A photovoltaic cell array embedded under skin receives near-infrared light through the skin and charges the battery directly powering an implanted device. We have shown that, for a photodiode(More)
S cientists have long dreamt of an optical microscope that can be used to see a sample in nanometre resolution. Because light propagates through water and air, an optical microscope can be used to see, in vivo, the details of living matter and other materials in their unperturbed natural condition. In addition, an optical microscope provides colour images(More)
The recently emerging three-dimensional (3D) displays in the electronic shops imitate depth illusion by overlapping two parallax 2D images through either polarized glasses that viewers are required to wear or lenticular lenses fixed directly on the display. Holography, on the other hand, provides real 3D imaging, although usually limiting colors to(More)
We demonstrate two methods for the characterization of deformable membrane mirrors and the training of adaptive optics systems that employ these mirrors. Neither method employs a wave-front sensor. In one case, aberrations produced by a wave-front generator are corrected by the deformable mirror by use of a rapidly converging iterative algorithm based on(More)
We report the use of fluorescent nanodiamonds (FNDs) as a photostable fluorescent probe for high resolution saturated excitation (SAX) microscopy. We confirmed that FNDs show a nonlinear fluorescence response under saturated excitation conditions generated by intense excitation light. Using FNDs, we quantified the spatial resolution improvement inherent in(More)
System level understanding of the cell requires detailed description of the cell state, which is often characterized by the expression levels of proteins. However, understanding the cell state requires comprehensive information of the cell, which is usually obtained from a large number of cells and their disruption. In this study, we used Raman(More)
The in-plane and out-of-plane band-gap properties of two-dimensional triangular void channel photonic crystals fabricated by femtosecond laser drilling in a solid polymer material were characterized for transverse electric ͑TE͒ and transverse magnetic ͑TM͒ polarization illumination. For a 24 layer structure stacked in the ⌫ – M direction, the fundamental(More)
Using Raman spectral imaging, we visualized the cell state transition during differentiation and constructed hypothetical potential landscapes for attractors of cellular states on a state space composed of parameters related to the shape of the Raman spectra. As models of differentiation, we used the myogenic C2C12 cell line and mouse embryonic stem cells.(More)
Osteoblastic mineralization occurs during the early stages of bone formation. During this mineralization, hydroxyapatite (HA), a major component of bone, is synthesized, generating hard tissue. Many of the mechanisms driving biomineralization remain unclear because the traditional biochemical assays used to investigate them are destructive techniques(More)