Satoshi Kawanishi

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To determine whether exhaled breath contains Torque teno virus (TTV) or not, we tested exhaled breath condensate (EBC) samples by semi-nested PCR assay. We detected TTV DNA in 35% (7/20) of EBC samples collected from the mouth of one of the authors, demonstrating that TTV DNA is excreted in exhaled breath with moderate frequency. TTV DNA was detected also(More)
The periodontal status of 257 Japanese company employees aged 20-56 yr was studied to determine the number and percentage of subjects with and without bleeding after gentle probing in the sextants given a Code 2 using the CPITN. In addition to recording the presence of calculus in the conventional manner, a modification was introduced to add a Code 2+ for(More)
Article history: Received 24 January 2013 Accepted 1 August 2013 Available online 13 August 2013 This paper empirically examines the effect of banks' revenue diversification across different activities on the stock-based return and riskmeasures using data on the Japanese banking sector. In our analyses, we use non-interest income share as ameasure for(More)
Thirty-three subjects aged 20-44 years, selected from Japanese company employees who had been given CPITN Codes of 3 or 4, received a treatment of ultrasonic scaling to investigate any changes in the distribution of pathological pockets after this treatment using CPITN diagnostic standards. A pathological pocket was defined as a pocket with a depth of 4 mm(More)
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