Satoshi Kawaguchi

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The authors describe the case of a gas-filled intradural cyst of the lumbar spine that caused radicular pain. The cyst was similar to an intervertebral vacuum disc phenomenon and the cystic gas collection resembled the features of gas-containing pseudocyst, herniated intradiscal gas, or free gas, all of which have been found in the epidural space.
Background: Synovial sarcoma is a high-grade malignant tumor of soft tissue, characterized by the specific chromosomal translocation t(X;18), and its resultant SYT-SSX fusion gene. Despite intensive multimodality therapy, the majority of metastatic or relapsed diseases still remain incurable, thus suggesting a need for new therapeutic options. We previously(More)
To investigate the immunogenic property of peptides derived from the synovial sarcoma-specific SYT-SSX fusion gene, we synthesized four peptides according to the binding motif for HLA-A24. The peptides, SS391 (PYGYDQIMPK) and SS393 (GYDQIMPKK), were derived from the breakpoint of SYT-SSX, and SS449a (AWTHRLRER) and SS449b (AWTHRLRERK) were from the SSX(More)
STUDY DESIGN Peripheral sensory functions in patients with radiculopathy resulting from lumbar disc herniation and in control individuals were analyzed using current perception threshold testing. OBJECTIVE To evaluate the severity of sensory disturbance quantitatively in patients with lumbar radiculopathy. SUMMARY OF BACKGROUND DATA Subjective(More)
Angiogenesis inhibitors are a novel class of promising therapeutic agents for treating cancer. TNP-470, a systemic analogue of fumagillin, is an angiogenesis inhibitor capable of suppressing the tumorigenicity in several animal models even though the mechanisms of action have not been completely clarified. In the current study, we investigated the effects(More)
BACKGROUND To develop peptide-based immunotherapy for osteosarcoma, we previously identified papillomavirus binding factor (PBF) as a CTL-defined osteosarcoma antigen in the context of HLA-B55. However, clinical application of PBF-based immunotherapy requires identification of naturally presented CTL epitopes in osteosarcoma cells in the context of more(More)
An oscillator neural network based on the Ginzburg-Landau equation is proposed in order to investigate associative memory. The embedded patterns include both off-and on-firing states with phase. Neurons encode not only the phase but also the state of the cell. The system has a Lyapunov function with wells corresponding to off-and on-firing states. These two(More)
A Neurometer device is an electrical nerve stimulator used to determine the current perception threshold (CPT) evoked by stimulating A-beta fibers at 2,000 Hz, A-delta fibers at 250 Hz and C fibers at 5 Hz. CPT evaluation is used for analyzing peripheral nerve dysfunction. In this study, the sensory disturbance of the lower-extremity was quantitatively(More)
OBJECT External supports serve as a traditional treatment option for osteoporotic vertebral fractures (OVFs). However, the role of external supports in the treatment of OVF remains inconclusive. The purpose of this study was to determine the role of a rigid external support in the healing of OVFs by prospectively evaluating union (fracture settling) rates(More)