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and characterization of dendritic cells from common marmosets for preclinical cell therapy studies.dimensional stereotactic surface projection of brain perfusion SPECT improves diagnosis of Alzheimer's disease.201 single-photon emission computed tomography in the detection of retroperitoneal schwanoma. Evaluation of ischemic heart disease on a conventional(More)
We have designed a network router suited to be used in a SpaceWire network. The design was based on a formal method using CSP (Communicating Sequential Processes). The performance of the router has been verified by implementing it in a network with several processors [1]. In this paper we discuss the reason why we use CSP as a formal design method for the(More)
Two distinct dopamine binding sites, referred to as D1 and D2, exist in canine caudate nucleus, as characterized by [3H]dopamine binding to the synaptic membrane fraction. D1 has the low affinity for dopamine with the dissociation constant of a few micromolar, whereas the affinity for D2 is about two orders of magnitude greater. Classical neuroleptics such(More)
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