Satoshi Ikawa

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Cry1Aa, an insecticidal protein produced by Bacillus thuringiensis, has been shown to bind to cadherin-like protein, BtR175, in Bombyx mori (silkworm) midgut. We previously reported three variant alleles of BtR175 (BtR175a, b and c). When transiently expressed in COS7 cells, all the three BtR175 variants bound to Cry1Aa. We stably expressed BtR175b in(More)
Ion-exchange chromatographic analysis of peroxynitric acid (O2NOOH) was performed by combining an acidic eluate with an UV-vis detector and immersing the separation column in an ice-water bath. The decomposition behavior of peroxynitric acid in the solution was also studied using this system. The fraction for the peroxynitric acid peak was collected.(More)
This paper describes the methocblogies used to design a HiVision MUSE decoder for Japanese HDTV and codec LS/s for digital VCRs. Since a large anount of input video thta is needed to verify the algorithms and logic designs, reducing the verificotion time is a key issue in designing these LS/s. We describe the methocblogy used to verify the video signal(More)
Non-mechanical procedures for removing caries-infected dentin are warranted in dentistry. We previously demonstrated the marked sterilization effect for direct irradiation of low-temperature plasma using dentin model infected with Streptococcus mutans. However it requires 180 s of intraoral plasma irradiation to eliminate bacteria. We alternatively(More)
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