Satoshi Ichimura

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The Palette is a digital appliance designed for intuitivecontrol of electronic slide shows. Current interfaces demand toomuch of our attention to permit effective computer use insituations where we can not give the technology our fullestconcentration. The Palette uses index cards that are printed withslide content that is easily identified by both humans(More)
We developed a Pilot Card-based shared hypermedia system supporting a shared databwe and a number of private databases. By integrating a layered architectural object-oriented database with PilotCard mechanisms, we realized a shared hypermedia system in which individual users can maintain private data in their own private workstation and use the shared data(More)
Movies edited by amateurs are likely to be a sequence of monotonous scenes, where people record video from a single direction, and use video from a single camcorder when editing video. We developed VideoBlocks, a web-based video editing system. In our system, video clips are collected from multi-users' camcorders via the Internet and shared among the users.(More)
— A well-presented chalk talk often provides a rich and interactive learning environment that cannot easily be replaced with PowerPoint slideshows. However, it has a disadvantage in that information written on the blackboard is hard to archive or share with others who do not attend. We developed a ChalkTalk system that automatically produces e-learning(More)
The goal of our project is to develop a PilotCard-based hypermedia which allows users to create the connecting network of links through the use of an electronic mail system. Based on the goal, we developed an underlying Object-Oriented database management system with a layered architecture to combine personal work environments and a team cooperative work(More)
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