Satoshi Hosaka

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A 10-year-old spayed mongrel dog was referred with repeated intercurrent hematochezia and anal bleeding. The dog was vigorous and had a normal appetite, and the fecal test showed no abnormal signs. Despite treatment primarily with sulfasalazine, the condition did not improve and unilateral blindness developed. A Prototheca zopfii infection was identified by(More)
BACKGROUND Nonimmune-mediated glomerulonephropathies are rarely reported in domestic animals with the exception of amyloidosis. Here we describe the pathological features and clinical course of a feline with protein-losing nonimmune-mediated glomerulonephropathy characterized by segmental glomerulosclerosis and severe podocyte injury. CASE PRESENTATION A(More)
A 6-month-old male Japanese domestic cat with otitis externa due to Aspergillus fumigatus was treated with antifungal agents for 25 days and appeared to be cured. Many yeast colonies however developed from the ear canal samples on Sabouraud's dextrose agar at 27 °C for 5 days, instead of A. fumigatus. This yeast colony was cream-colored and slim in texture(More)
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