Satoshi Hisanaga

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BACKGROUND Formation of 43S and 48S preinitiation complexes plays an important role in muscle protein synthesis. There is no muscle-wasting mouse model caused by a repressed 43S preinitiation complex assembly. OBJECTIVE The aim of the present study was to develop a convenient mouse model of skeletal muscle wasting with repressed 43S preinitiation complex(More)
—It is possible to interpret the shape of buildings based on synthetic aperture radar (SAR) images acquired using airborne SAR systems. However, the pixel values of SAR images have high dynamic range intensity, and SAR images are not displayable without dynamic range intensity compression. We therefore have developed a dynamic range intensity compression(More)
Benzenehexapyrrole-α,ω-dialdehyde, composed of a pair of formyltripyrrole units with a 1,3-phenylene linker, was metallated to give dinuclear single-stranded helicates. X-ray studies of the bis-nickel(II) complex showed a helical C2 form with a pair of helical-metal coordination planes of a 3N+O donor set. The terminal aldehyde was readily converted into(More)
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