Satoshi Funada

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Migration of hernia mesh into the bladder is a rare complication of inguinal hernioplasty. We present the case of an 85-year-old man who complained of hematuria and fever some 20 years after right hernioplasty. Cystoscopy and computed tomography revealed mesh migration into the right anterior wall of the bladder. Laparoscopic partial cystectomy with(More)
Ovarian-type epithelial tumors of the testes and paratestes are very rare. Mucinous subtypes of such tumors are extremely rare; only 25 cases have been reported to date. Ovarian-type epithelial tumors are histologically classified into cystadenomas, borderline tumors, and carcinomas. We herein report a case involving a 60-year-old man with a primary(More)
Accurate perception information of the surroundings is a desirable feature in any cyber-physical system for autonomous robotics. Besides, providing a cost-wise solution to this need, is also useful for developing other kinds of applications such as mapping, decision-making, self-localization, among others. In this work, we present and benchmark a(More)
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