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BACKGROUND As sessile organisms, plants adapt to adverse environmental conditions by quickly adjusting cell physiology and metabolism. Transient depolymerization of interphase microtubules is triggered by various acute stresses and biotic interactions with pathogenic organisms. Although rapid remodeling of plant microtubule arrays in response to external(More)
A novel cellular gene termed SFA-1 was isolated by differential hybridization of a cDNA library, using probes obtained from an adult T-cell leukemia cell line in comparison with probes obtained from normal CD4+ T cells and the MOLT-4 cell line. The mRNA of the SFA-1 gene is approximately 1.6 kb in size and encodes a protein of 253 amino acids, containing(More)
In this paper, we consider a two-dimensional version of the on-line bin packing problem, in which each rectangular item that should be packed into unit square bins is " rotatable " by 90 •. Two on-line algorithms for solving the problem are proposed. The second algorithm is an extension of the ÿrst algorithm, and the worst-case ratio of the second one is at(More)