Satoshi Aoyama

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For low-noise complementary metal-oxide-semiconductor (CMOS) image sensors, the reduction of pixel source follower noises is becoming very important. Column-parallel high-gain readout circuits are useful for low-noise CMOS image sensors. This paper presents column-parallel high-gain signal readout circuits, correlated multiple sampling (CMS) circuits and(More)
Logarithmic cameras have the wide dynamic range required to image natural scenes and encode the important contrast information within the scene. However, the images from these cameras are severely degraded by fixed pattern noise. Previous attempts to improve the quality of images from these cameras by removing additive fixed pattern noise have lead to(More)
Logarithmic CMOS image sensors capture high dynamic range scenes without saturation or loss of perceptible detail but problems exist with image quality. This thesis develops and applies methods of modelling and calibration to understand and improve the fixed pattern noise (FPN) and colour rendition of logarithmic imagers. Chapter 1 compares CCD and CMOS(More)
Noise reduction effects of column-parallel correlated multiple-sampling (CMS) for CMOS image sensors are investigated. In the CMS, the gain of the noise cancelling can be flexibly changed by the sampling number. It has a similar effect to that of amplified CDS for thermal noise but is more effective for 1/f and random telegraph signal (RTS) noises. The(More)
A High-Speed Low-Noise CIS with 12b 2-stage Pipelined Cyclic ADCs JongHo Park*, Satoshi Aoyama*, Takashi Watanabe*, Tomohiko Kosugi*, Zheng Liu*, Tomoyuki Akahori*, Masaaki Sasaki*, Keigo Isobe*, Yuichi Kaneko*, Kazuki Muramatsu*, Tetsuya Iida*, and Shoji Kawahito* *Brookman Technology, Inc., 3-1-7 Wajiyama, Nakaku, Hamamatsu 432-8003, Japan Phone/Fax:(More)
Since April 2011, a dosage adjustment program has been implemented at Gifu Municipal Hospital. In this program, upon receiving a prescription for renally eliminated drugs, pharmacists verify patients' serum creatinine concentrations by using a computerized medical record system to evaluate the patient's kidney function and suggest the appropriate dosage to(More)
We characterized a spontaneous dwarf mutant showing extremely short internodes and dark green leaves originating from azuki bean (Vigna angularis (Willd.) Ohwi & Ohashi) cultivar "Erimo-shouzu." F(1) plants of 3 cross combinations between the dwarf mutant and several representative wild-type plants, Erimo-shouzu, V. angularis accession Acc2265 and wild(More)
The Proportional-Integral-Derivative (PID) controller structure is the most widely used one in industrial applications. However, PID controller cannot stabilize any plant. In order to overcome this problem, Yamada and Hagiwara proposed a design method for modified PID controllers such that the modified PID controller makes the control system for unstable(More)