Satoru Tominaga

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Knowledge of the scene illuminant spectral power distribution is useful for many imaging applications, such as color image reproduction and automatic algorithms for image database applications. In many applications accurate spectral characterization of the illuminant is impossible because the input device acquires only three spectral samples. In such(More)
The vascularization of the pedicel in Marisol clementine (Citrus clementina Hort. ex Tanaka) has been characterized in relation to fruit growth. Phloem and xylem formation occurred during the first half of the period of fruit growth. Phloem cross-sectional area reached its maximum value by the end of fruitlet abscission, 78 d after anthesis (DAA), shortly(More)
The sex pheromone of Herpetogramma submarginale (Swinhoe) was studied by gas chromatography (GC) with electroantennographic detection and GC coupled with mass spectrometry. Two pheromone candidates detected in the gland extracts of females were identified as (Z)-13-hexadecenyl acetate (Z13-16:OAc) and (E)-13-hexadecenyl acetate (E13-16:OAc) in a ratio of(More)
Fat-suppressed three-dimensional coherent oscillatory state acquisition for the manipulation of image contrast (3D-COSMIC) is a sequence that is based on fast imaging employing steady state acquisition (FIESTA) of balanced steady-state free precession (balanced SSFP). Since the data acquisition of steady-state transition is filled up with the center of(More)
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