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BACKGROUND Triple-negative breast cancer (TNBC) has a poor prognosis because of frequent recurrence. Androgen receptor (AR) is involved in the pathogenesis of breast cancer, but its role is not clearly defined. The aim of this study was to explore the expression of AR and its relationship with clinicopathologic features in TNBC. METHODS This study(More)
The K2K experiment observes indications of neutrino oscillation: a reduction of nu(mu) flux together with a distortion of the energy spectrum. Fifty-six beam neutrino events are observed in Super-Kamiokande (SK), 250 km from the neutrino production point, with an expectation of 80.1(+6.2)(-5.4). Twenty-nine one ring mu-like events are used to reconstruct(More)
BACKGROUND The neutrophil/lymphocyte ratio (NLR) has been reportedly associated with prognosis in cancer patients by influencing both cancer progression and chemosensitivity. However, the correlation between NLR and the outcome of neoadjuvant chemotherapy (NAC) in breast cancer patients remains unclear. METHODS NLR was evaluated in 177 patients with(More)
Antitumor activity against intracranial malignant teratoma by combination chemotherapy with cisplatin and etoposide was evaluated in experimental and clinical studies. A human teratoma cell line (Tera 2) was exposed in vitro to cisplatin and/or etoposide, after which cell growth inhibition and alterations of deoxyribonucleic acid (DNA) histograms were(More)
Chemotherapy is not effective for hepatocellular carcinoma (HCC). HMG-CoA redutase inhibitors have cytostatic activity for cancer cells, but their clinical usefulness is unknown. To investigate whether pravastatin, a potent HMG-CoA reductase inhibitor, prolongs survival in patients with advanced HCC, this randomized controlled trial was conducted between(More)
A family with adrenoleukodystrophy and clinical manifestations of spinocerebellar degeneration was studied. Two adult male first cousins showed progressive limb and truncal ataxia, slurred speech and spasticity of the extremities. Brain CT scans demonstrated atrophy of the pons and cerebellum, in both cases. Very long chain fatty acids in plasma and(More)
Recently a relationship between serotonin transporter transcriptional control region (5-HTTLPR) polymorphism and anxiety related personality traits in Caucasians was reported. We performed PCR of DNAs from the blood for determining the 5-HTTLPR genotypes of 191 Japanese subjects, which were medical staff and students, and obtained Revised NEO Personality(More)
BACKGROUND Myofibroblasts in the cancer microenvironment have recently been implicated in tumour growth and metastasis of gastric cancer. However, the mechanisms responsible for the regulation of myofibroblasts in cancer-associated fibroblasts (CAFs) remain unclear. This study was performed to clarify the mechanisms for regulation of myofibroblasts in(More)
Intracranial anastomosis between the distal anterior cerebral arteries (ACA's) was performed on two patients. One patient had isolated occlusion of the proximal ACA on one side causing monoparesis in the leg, and the other patient suffered from occlusion of the internal carotid artery and a small anterior communicating artery. The weakness of the legs(More)
Asterixis at the hip joints can be elicited by a simple diagnostic maneuver in which the hips are passively flexed and abducted about 60 to 90 degrees between the thighs. The test evoked asterixis in 8 of 10 patients who were stuporous or semicomatose because of hepatic encephalopathy. The asterixis seems to be provoked by the involuntary contraction of hip(More)