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Liang, Fuhrman and Somogyi (PSB98, 18-29, 1998) have described an algorithm for inferring genetic network architectures from state transition tables which correspond to time series of gene expression patterns, using the Boolean network model. Their results of computational experiments suggested that a small number of state transition (INPUT/OUTPUT) pairs(More)
The following two matters should be resolved in order for biosimulation tools to be accepted by users in biology/medicine: (1) remove issues which are irrelevant to biological importance, and (2) allow users to represent biopathways intuitively and understand/manage easily the details of representation and simulation mechanism. From these criteria, we(More)
MOTIVATION The prediction of localization sites of various proteins is an important and challenging problem in the field of molecular biology. TargetP, by Emanuelsson et al. (J. Mol. Biol., 300, 1005-1016, 2000) is a neural network based system which is currently the best predictor in the literature for N-terminal sorting signals. One drawback of neural(More)
Finding gene networks from microarray data has been one focus of research in recent years. Given search spaces of super-exponential size, researchers have been applying heuristic approaches like greedy algorithms or simulated annealing to infer such networks. However, the accuracy of heuristics is uncertain, which--in combination with the high measurement(More)
In many research projects on modeling and analyzing biological pathways, the Petri net has been recognized as a promising method for representing biological pathways. From the pioneering works by Reddy et al., 1993, and Hofestädt, 1994, that model metabolic pathways by traditional Petri net, several enhanced Petri nets such as colored Petri net, stochastic(More)
We propose a dynamic Bayesian network and nonparametric regression model for constructing a gene network from time series microarray gene expression data. The proposed method can overcome a shortcoming of the Bayesian network model in the sense of the construction of cyclic regulations. The proposed method can analyze the microarray data as a continuous(More)
In prokaryotes, genes belonging to the same operon are transcribed in a single mRNA molecule. Transcription starts as the RNA polymerase binds to the promoter and continues until it reaches a transcriptional terminator. Some terminators rely on the presence of the Rho protein, whereas others function independently of Rho. Such Rho-independent terminators(More)
Identification of the most putative RNA-interacting residues in protein is an important and challenging problem in a field of molecular recognition. Structural analysis of protein-RNA complexes reveals a strong correlation between interaction residues and their structure. Building on this viewpoint, we have developed a neural network predictor to correctly(More)