Satoru Komatsu

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In this paper, to clarify whether a firm's voluntary approach to environmental protection is beneficial for both the environment and business, we analyze whether a firm's voluntary implementation of an environmental management system (EMS) simultaneously reduces its environmental impacts and improves its productivity. Using data on Japanese manufacturing(More)
In this Letter, we propose a novel compact optical system for automated cell identification. Our system employs pseudo-random encoding of the light modulated by the cells under inspection to capture the unique opto-biological signature of the micro-organisms by an image sensor and without using a microscope objective lens to magnify the object beam. The(More)
We propose a low-cost, compact, and field-portable 3D printed holographic microscope for automated cell identification based on a common path shearing interferometer setup. Once a hologram is captured from the portable setup, a 3D reconstructed height profile of the cell is created. We extract several morphological cell features from the reconstructed 3D(More)
We propose a passive three-dimensional (3D) imaging technique based on integral imaging using a long-wave infrared (LWIR) camera. 3D imaging can improve visualization and detection of objects in adverse environments, such as low light levels and the presence of partial occlusions, along with depth estimation by reconstructing the scene at the plane of the(More)
The mountainous hinterland in rural Nepal lacks a fundamental social infrastructure. For example, the lack of electricity causes water provision difficulties, especially in mountainous areas where villagers, especially women and children, often spend a considerable amount of time just conveying water to their homes. To overcome this challenge, a subsidy(More)
-A Python extension module of the ATLAS Online Software has been developed for the ATLAS Thin Gap Chamber (TGC) trigger system. Python is an interactive scripting language including the built-in high level libraries and provides the easy way to build useful web applications. These features which are not included in the ATLAS Online software are important to(More)
In this work, a 3D reconstruction approach for flexible sensing inspired by integral imaging techniques is proposed. This method allows the application of different integral imaging techniques, such as generating a depth map or the reconstruction of images on a certain 3D plane of the scene that were taken with a set of cameras located at unknown and(More)
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