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PURPOSE The purpose of this study is to elucidate the in vivo gene transfer for galactosylated liposomes containing cholesten-5-yloxy-N-(4-((1-imino-2-beta-D-thiogalactosyle thyl)amino)butyl)formamide(Gal-C4-Chol) in relation to lipid composition and charge ratio. METHODS Galactosylated cationic liposomes containing(More)
A novel mannosylated cholesterol derivative, cholesten-5-yloxy-N-(4-((1-imino-2-beta-D-thiomannosyl -ethyl)amino)bu tyl) formamide (Man-C4-Chol), was synthesized in order to perform mannose receptor-mediated gene transfer with liposomes. Plasmid DNA encoding luciferase gene (pCMV-Luc) complexed with liposomes, consisting of a 6:4 mixture of Man-C4-Chol and(More)
The P30 movement protein (MP) of tomato mosaic tobamovirus (ToMV) is synthesized in the early stages of infection and is phosphorylated in vivo. Here, we determined that serine 37 and serine 238 in the ToMV MP are sites of phosphorylation. MP mutants in which serine was replaced by alanine at positions 37 and 238 (LQ37A238A) or at position 37 only (LQ37A)(More)
PURPOSE To evaluate whether apparent diffusion coefficients (ADCs) calculated from diffusion-weighted echo-planar magnetic resonance (MR) images can be used to characterize head and neck lesions. MATERIALS AND METHODS Diffusion-weighted echo-planar MR imaging was performed with a 1.5-T MR unit in 97 head and neck lesions in 97 patients. Images were(More)
PURPOSE To describe the features of twisted ovarian tumors on computed tomographic (CT) scans and magnetic resonance (MR) images. MATERIALS AND METHODS The CT scans, MR images, clinical records, and histopathologic findings in 10 patients with surgical proof of a twisted adnexal tumor were retrospectively evaluated. RESULTS The most common findings on(More)
We have found a hepatotrophic factor in plasma or sera of patients with fulminant hepatic failure and have purified human hepatocyte growth factor from plasma of these patients. In this study we developed an enzyme-linked immunosorbent assay with high specificity and sensitivity for human hepatocyte growth factor in human serum. This assay for serum human(More)
OBJECTIVES Using cohorts examined by extended biopsy, we developed and validated multivariate models predicting prostate cancer on initial biopsy and examined whether these extended biopsy-based models outperform previously established models. METHODS Initial extended biopsy (median 22 cores) was performed in 1509 Japanese men including 1083 at Tokyo(More)
PURPOSE We clarified the diagnostic ability of multiparametric magnetic resonance imaging to reveal anterior cancer missed by transrectal 12-core prostate biopsy based on the results of 3-dimensional 26-core prostate biopsy, which is a combination of transrectal 12-core and transperineal 14-core biopsies. MATERIALS AND METHODS The study population(More)
OBJECTIVES To evaluate whether three-dimensional 26-core (3D26) prostate biopsy improves the accuracy in predicting the presence of Gleason pattern 4/5 cancer compared with extended transrectal 12-core (TR12) or transperineal 14-core (TP14) biopsy schemes. METHODS We studied 143 consecutive men in whom prostate cancer was diagnosed by the 3D26 biopsy and(More)
The movement protein (MP) of tomato mosaic virus (ToMV) was produced in E. coli as a soluble fusion protein with glutathione S-transferase. When immobilized on glutathione affinity beads, the recombinant protein was phosphorylated in vitro by incubating with cell extracts of Nicotiana tabacum and tobacco suspension culture cells (BY-2) in the presence of(More)