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and characterization of dendritic cells from common marmosets for preclinical cell therapy studies.dimensional stereotactic surface projection of brain perfusion SPECT improves diagnosis of Alzheimer's disease.201 single-photon emission computed tomography in the detection of retroperitoneal schwanoma. Evaluation of ischemic heart disease on a conventional(More)
BACKGROUND A novel immunomodulator, KRP-203, the molecular structure of which has some similarity to FTY720, has been developed for use in organ transplantation. The present study was designed to investigate the potency and safety of KRP-203 on allograft survival against both acute and chronic rejection in rat skin and heart transplantation. METHODS AND(More)
Two distinct dopamine binding sites, referred to as D1 and D2, exist in canine caudate nucleus, as characterized by [3H]dopamine binding to the synaptic membrane fraction. D1 has the low affinity for dopamine with the dissociation constant of a few micromolar, whereas the affinity for D2 is about two orders of magnitude greater. Classical neuroleptics such(More)
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