Satoru Ichinokura

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We report the direct evidence for superconductivity in Ca-intercalated bilayer graphene C6CaC6, which is regarded as the thinnest limit of Ca-intercalated graphite. We performed the electrical transport measurements with the in situ 4-point-probe method in ultrahigh vacuum under zero- or nonzero-magnetic field for pristine bilayer graphene, Li-intercalated(More)
We performed in situ magnetotransport measurements on ultrathin Bi(111) films [4-30 bilayers (BLs), 16-120 Å thick] to elucidate the role of bulk or surface states in the transport phenomena. We found that the temperature dependence of the film conductivity shows no thickness dependence for the 6-16 BL films and is affected by the electron-electron(More)
A one-atom-layer compound made of one monolayer of Tl and one-third monolayer of Pb on a Si(111) surface having √3×√3 periodicity was found to exhibit a giant Rashba-type spin splitting of metallic surface-state bands together with two-dimensional superconducting transport properties. Temperature-dependent angle-resolved photoelectron spectroscopy revealed(More)
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